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Systematic approach

HRD is a systematic and planned approach through which the efficiency of employees is improved.


HRD embodies with techniques and processes such as performance appraisal, training, management development, career planning, counselling, workers’ participation and quality circles.

Continuous process

HRD is a continuous process for the development of all types of skills of employees such as technical, managerial,

Multi-disciplinary subject

HRD is a Multi-disciplinary subject which draws inputs from behavioural science, engineering, commerce, management, economics, medicine, etc.


HRD is an essential subject everywhere, be it a manufacturing organization or service sector industry.

Scope of HRD

Human resource management (HRM) deals with procurement, development, compensation, mainte­nance and utilization of human resources. HRD deals with efficient utilization of human resources and it is a part of HRM.

Human Resource Development

Development means those learning opportunities designed to help employees to grow. Development is not primarily skills oriented. Instead it provides the general knowledge and attitudes, which will be helpful to employers in higher positions. Efforts towards development often depend on personal drive and ambition. Development activities such as those supplied by management development programs are generally voluntary in nature. Development provides knowledge about business environment, management principles and techniques, human relations, specific industry analysis and the like is useful for better management of a company.

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