Inventory Management Software

Inventory details report

Check the overall (or filtered by location or product type) total stock on hand, total stock available, and total units committed. The details can also be split by each product and variant.

Highly Cost Effective

  • Single Cost for Multiple Projects/ Companies.
  • Software as Product and Software as a Service (SAAS) : Pay one time and get the software as a Product or use the software on annual subscription basis online

Reorder report

Check all products and variants that have fallen below the reorder point in a list displaying supplier name, number of products/ variants to reorder, as well as a link to the reorder page.

Fully Scalable

  • ERP with Sales, Marketing, Finance, Purchase, Inventory, Contractor & Project Management modules.
  • Comprise all modules of ERP yet you can start with one module and add others later. Respective data will be updated automatically in all modules.

Stock adjustments

Increase and decrease stocks levels for new products, returns, damages, shrinkage, and promotions – which also works for multi-item stock adjustments.For each product or variant, see the number

Integrated with Tally, MS Word & Excel

  • Automatic Voucher posting to Tally in respective Ledgers.
  • Create Multiple Customized Demand Notes/ Reminders, using MS Word formats on your own.
  • Import and export the data to Excel.

Inventory Management Software

Keep track of your stock levels

Stockouts can cause you to lose sales and disappoint customers. That’s why it’s so important to manage your inventory levels and make sure that reorders are made on time. With SMTIndia, you will also be able to manage inventory across multiple locations and warehouses.

Here’s how you can gain full control over your inventory with SMT INDIA

  • Access real-time data about what you have, where it is, and how much it’s worth
  • Automatically updated inventory levels when sales are made on any channel
  • Reorder point alerts for each product and variant
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