ISO 14001:2004

The International Standard ISO 14001 Sets up Requirements for Environment Management system.ISO

14001:2004 is a certificate that offers quality assurance to the products and services in terms of adherence to environmental policies, actions, and plans. It also confirms a business to have an environmental management system and follow generic requirements. ISO 14001 Standard covering environmental management system (EMS) based on rational mythology Plan. Establish the objective and process to necessary in deliver results in accordance with environmental Policy.

ISO 14001:2004 Certification process: (Environment Management System)

 Finding the environmental effects of the business activities such as product manufacturing, packing, disposal and others. Controlling the environmental hazards by following specific standards.

 Implementing a systematic approach for achieving environmental objectives and goals.

 Creating reports of achieved targets and noting down the reason why the suggested methods were used.

 The external stakeholders will have assurance of the quality.

 Compliance to environmental regulation and rules.

 Demonstrating conformity by analyzing the supplier’s declaration and assessment from the external stakeholder through base work.


3.2.1 Benefits

 Inspection of processes and checking if they are effective.

 Keep track of the adequate records.

 Checking for defects in the final output and suggesting corrective action if necessary.

 Reviewing individual processes regularly and checking their quality and effectiveness

 Offering suitable measures for facilitating continual improvement.

 A customer oriented approach, with involvement of people that tends to customer satisfaction.


(Quality Management System) This is basic Certificate for Every Services Industries/Education

Institutions /Manufacturers/NGO’s/Trust/Trading.

3.2.3 Required Documentations

I) Govt. Registration Copy

II) Pan Card Copy

III) Latter head Copy

IV) Organization Profile

V) Layout Plan

VI) Current Sale Copy-2

VII) Current Purchase Copy-2

VIII) Address Proof

IX) Product Detail/Services Detail

X) Employees Detail (ESI/PF Challan Copy)

XI) Policy/Goals

XII) Infrastructure

XIII) Currently Working Witch States/Country

XIV) Organization Chart/Management chart

XV) Service tax/Tin Number/Vat Tax Registration copy

3.2.4 FEES

Market price: 15000+S.T.

SMT price: 10000+S.T.

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