ISO 18001:2007

OHSAS 18001:2007- Health And Safety Management System

Managing health and safety (OH&S) issues in the workplace represents an enormous challenge due to varying human nature , skill set, process complexity & local culture and have implications for everyone at the workplace. Effectively managing these issues means taking account not only of legel requirements, but also the well-being of your personnel in the owganization

Purpose of OHSAS 18001
Management of health & safety issues for an organization considering all intersted parties concern is the main h challenge of the business while working with significant hazatdous process & risk. Achieving OHS performance with improved well being is the need to assure the regulatory bodies, customers and other stack holder due to high premium cost for any incident.

Certifications to OHSAS 18001 show hthe commiment to the health and safety of employees demonstrates your ability to manage risk & hazards associated with the activities and provide assurance to all concerned including customers and management that legal compliance is effectively managed.


3.3.1 Benefits

 Organization can refer to international buyers for verification. A unique Certification No. Is given

on certificate which can be verifies on website.

 Makes Organization systematic. Reduces dependence on individuals.

 Better chances of getting National /International orders through tenders.

 Cost saving due to reduced time and effort.

 Reduces wastage/rejections.

 When systems are implemented properly the organizations profitability increases by 2-4%.

 If organization adopts MIS, the top management saves 40-60% of quality time, which can be used

for expansion/better quality of life.

 When MIS is in place, the monitoring of all-important parameters of business is much better and it

improves profitability by 5-10%.

3.3.2 Organization

(Occupational Health and Safety Management System) This is for Manufacturers Companies.

3.3.3 Required Documentations

I) Govt. Registration Copy

II) Pan Card Copy

III) Latter head Copy

IV) Organization Profile

V) Layout Plan

VI) Current Sale Copy-2

VII) Current Purchase Copy-2

VIII) Address Proof

IX) Product Detail/Services Detail

X) Employees Detail (ESI/PF Challan Copy)

XI) Policy/Goals

XII) Infrastructure

XIII) Currently Working Witch States/Country

XIV) Organization Chart/Management chart

XV) Service tax/Tin Number/Vat Tax Registration copy

3.3.4 FEES

Market price: 20000+S.T.

SMT price: 15000+S.T.

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