ISO 22000:2005


ISO 22000 is a food safety management system dedicated to preventing food borne hazards after product

consumption. This system of standard is generic and can be applied to an organization of any size. There

are eight key clauses that define the ISO 22000 Standards. Clause 1 to 3 defines Normative Reference,

Scope, Terms, and Definition. Clauses 4 to 8 define Management responsibility, Food Safety

management system, Resource Management, Planning, Realization of safety products, Verification, and

improvement of food safety. ISO 22000:2005 is food safety management system for organization for

involvement in food chain, this standard specifies the equipments, ability to control the food related

hazard. PSA Certification fulfills your food management system certification requirement.

3.4.1 Benefits


 ISO 22000 along with being a safety standard is a business building tool for the companies.

 Provides structured and logical approach to maintaining food safety

 Gain easy access to the international markets

 ISO 22000 confronts the major issues that are related to food supply and contributes to the

performance of the company’s business.

 Clear communication in the supply chain Reduction or control of the food hazards

 Identification of the food safety impact on the organization as Food safety risk management

 Compliance to the legal terms. Reduction in the costs due to use of more efficient system


3.4.2 Organization


(Food Safety Management System)

This is for Every Food Manufacturers/Catering & Hospitality services/Water Treatment

Plant/Pharmaceuticals/Hotel Industries/


3.4.3 Required Documentation


I) Govt. Registration Copy

II) Pan Card Copy

III) Latter head Copy

IV) Organization Profile

V) Layout Plan

VI) Current Sale Copy-2

VII) Current Purchase Copy-2

VIII) Address Proof

IX) Product Detail/Services Detail

X) Employees Detail (ESI/PF Challan Copy)

XI) Policy/Goals

XII) Infrastructure

XIII) Currently Working Witch States/Country

XIV) Organization Chart/Management chart

XV) Service tax/Tin Number/Vat Tax Registration copy


3.4.4 FEES


Market price: 25000+S.T.

SMT price: 20000+S.T.

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