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Online MLM Software web application with income distribution.

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Engaging, responsive MLM applications that work on any device.

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Built your business thought in custom MLM business as MLM Add-ons.


What is MLM?

Multi level marketing is a marbalous ground-level business opportunity. The idea of MLM is simple. When you have to sell a product in the market, either you have to sale it directly to the consumers or you have to find out people who will buy your product from you and sell it to other people. It is a platform where people approach, to gain & interactive distribution of profit. As we all know, Market penetration and saturation are important in every business by MLM Software we can easily manage the estimation of demand and supply. Multi Level Marketing is also called as network marketing.


MLM Software Solutions

Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is a marbalous business development method to promote or sell products directly through “word of mouth marketing”. This concept is developing with every passing day and the web based Multi Level Marketing software gets all credit.

SMT INDIA MLM MAGIC is the best online MLM Software available to power up your network marketing company available 24×7 without any down time. SMT INDIA offers fully integrated custom-made MLM Software solution that effectively and effortlessly manages all the operations including member administration, sales, inventory management, commissions, and income distribution etc of all sizes Multi Level Marketing companies.


MLM E-commerce Integration

E-commerce integration provides an opportunity to flourish your MLM business online. It is possible to sell MLM plan at online stores with this integration. It helps to heighten sales and capture prosperous benefits of the e-commerce industry.

Multiple currency payment gateway option for international MLM customers helps in spreading the business globally.

MLM business plan promotion and sharing is possible via e-commerce helping to attain remarkable results. E-commerce is the future of MLM industry with immense potential, it attracts people by providing several business benefits.


MLM Software web application

Web base applications or software are ready to use anytime over the internet through web browser. The user need not to install them by CD’s, download any kind of software, install anything to their hard drives, or worry about updates, so no installation or maintenance required, hence it is non memory consumable. No installation means no-virus. The most updates versions are readily available in web base applications.

Business management with MLM web base application is most efficient and effective in the modern world, where people value time as they do for money. You can maintain your clientele directly in the web portal. Our MLM web base application is developed by focusing on providing the user with friendly interface. It is compatible with all types of web browsers.


We have designed and develop all plans of Multilevel Marketing Software Packages according to every MLM Network Marketing Business Initiators to achieve their complete requirements with more than satisfactory features and advanced tools developed using latest technologies like MVC, ASP .net, MS SQL Server 2012, Jquery, AJAX, Mobile Apps etc.

Binary MLM Plan

mlm binary plan image icon

A binary plan is a multilevel marketing compensation plan which allows members to have only two fore-front members.

Matrix / Unilevel MLM Plan

mlm binary plan image icon

In this plan, members are allowed to sponsor only a single line of distributors there is no limit to the width of the line giving a chance to build a long and strong chain.

Board MLM Plan

mlm board plan image icon

This plan gives a member the opportunity to earn from the efforts of all members present in the board. The additional commission is given on completion of board entries.


mlm x-up plan image icon

This plan also known as pass up sales plan as each member has to pass X number of sales to the upline X can be any number.

Force Matrix MLM Plan

mlm forced matrix plan image icon

Similar to Unilevel in this plan members sponsor one line of distributors but in this plan the line is limited which is fixed at the start.

Single Leg MLM Plan

An unlimited single line where every member recruits only one distributor under him makes this plan special and simple with good income possible.

Investment MLM Plan

mlm investment plan image icon

Very different from other MLM plans in this compensation is paid on the basis of interest made on investment again the interest rates change.

Gift / Helping MLM Plan

mlm gift helping plan image icon

Based on simple give and take concept member give a gift and in return become eligible to receive multiple gifts in return.

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