Public Relations (PR)

What is it?

PR is all about exposure – whether that’s in a news article or giving a talk at an event, it’s aim is to get your business well known out there and in the right places.

Who’s it for?

Again, I’d recommend it for everyone, but particularly new businesses. One of the biggest hurdles is getting noticed when you start out – so PR is a great way to start.

How much is it?

Varies widely – but the average cost per hour has been found. However, you can do some of your own PR for free. (I will be writing on that soon – sign up to the POP Content email list if you want to make sure you don’t miss the article!)

Effective PR

With our intrinsic knowledge of various business domains and profound understanding of traditional and digital media in India, we are a leading agency  providing  Public Relations solutions and media visibility.

Cross-platform Marketing

We (PR Agency) unify all modes of communication across multiple channels for diversified audiences to help you achieve the maximum impact.

Crisis Communications

We are adept at assisting our clients in sailing through an imposing crisis situation and emerging out of it with their business reputation unharmed.

Investor/Analyst Relations

We leverage your strengths and showcase them on the right platforms to help you win the trust of investors and analysts alike.

Public Relations

For 360° Branding & PR Solutions

Interactive Reputation Management

We help you optimise utility apps and domain-specific leads. We offer content creation and copywriting services for all your social media, commercial and advertising needs.

Enhancing Online Presence & Image shaping

Designing and developing digital tools and techniques such as websites, online advertising campaigns, and digital video are part of our integrated communications campaigns

Digital Business Management & Brand-building

Leveraging digital tools to help organizations run more effectively by increasing the footfall on the website via Organic or Paid searches through Search Engine Optimization strategies

Strategic Counselling & Advisory Services

We analyze the existing growth obstacles and provide a proactive advocacy that impacts brand positioning and the gradient growth of your business.

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